How To Play Eat It! The Card Game.

Instructions are a great way to learn how to play Eat It!
Click the following link to download the instructions located inside every box of Eat It! Music Edition.
Eat It Instructions (click to view / download)

Y’know what’s even better than instructions to learn how to play Eat It? Videos! See below.

Instructional Video (Part 1)

In this video, learn how to deal, play, how special and super special cards work, plus how to deal with four of a kind.

Additional Rules (Part 2)

Ever wondered what to do when you’re down to your last face-down card? Or what if you play two skip cards at once? What about when all 8’s are out of play when The Music Industry is active?
Once you’ve watched this video, you will know everything you need to know to play Eat It! The Card Game.

Eat It! The Card Game is simple to play once you understand these two states:

The Three States of Your Hand:

  • 1) The hand you start with.
  • 2) The cards you have facing up in front of you.
  • 3) The cards you have facing down underneath.
  • 4) You win!

The Four States of Play:

  • Determined by the presence of a Super Special Card.
  • 1) Normal: Play up from 3 to Ace.
  • 2) Joker: Play down from Ace to 3.
  • 3) Music Industry: Play up, but 8’s are wild and 2’s, 7’s, 10’s are no longer special.
  • 4) Joker + Music Industry: Play goes down & 8s are wild.

NOTE: If playing with politics deck:
Martial Law is Music Industry, Trump is VIP, World Peace is 27 Club.

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